Sunday, September 26, 2010

Butterfly Wing Development

Butterfly Wing Development

Butterfly-Wing-Development If Butterfly Wing want to Develop, it has some other color like white.

Butterfly-Wing-Development And the colors can be more.

Butterfly-Wing-Development Until if it develop, it can be used fto fly.

Wing development
Wings or wing pads in butterfly are not visible on the outside of the larva, but when larvae are dissected, tiny developing wing disks can be found on the second and third thoracic segments, in place of the spiracles that are apparent on abdominal segments. Wing disks develop in association with a trachea that runs along the base of the wing, and are surrounded by a thin peripodial membrane, which is linked to the outer epidermis of the larva by a tiny duct.
Wing disks are very small until the last larval instar, when they increase dramatically in size, are invaded by branching tracheae from the wing base that precede the formation of the wing veins, and begin to develop patterns associated with several landmarks of the wing.

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