Monday, February 15, 2010


The meaning of Butterfly Lighting here is achieved by positioning the main light directly in front of the subjects face and adjusting the height to create a shadow directly under, and in line with, the nose. This style is best suited for subjects with a normal oval face and is considered to be a glamour style of lighting best suited for women. It is not recommended for use with men because it has a tendency to highlight the ears – crating an undesirable effect.

About this man, Butterfly lighting, also known as Paramount lighting, became a staple pattern for the Hollywood photographers of the 1930s. This lighting is characterized by the butterfly-shaped shadow that it casts below the nose. The butterfly pattern can be quite useful for a variety of faces, but is at its best on lean subjects with high and pronounced cheekbones. It is produced by placing the light source above the face (typically 25-70 degrees) and in line with the direction in which the face is pointing.

And the third picture is Paramount Lighting, sometimes called Butterfly Lighting for the shape of the shadow it forms under the nose, is a female glamour lighting style. It works best for women with strong cheek bones and good skin. This lighting is not typically used with male subjects. The key light is placed high with the fill light directly under it. Keeping the light close to the subject, watch for the butterfly shaped shadow to form under the nose. Be careful not to place their eyes in shadow. And also the fill light is placed at roughly head height and can be accompanied or replaced by a reflector under the face to lighten the shadows under the chin and lower cheek.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly