Friday, January 22, 2010

butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush Violet
It is sweetly scented. Huge Violet Flower-spikes Really Bring in the Butterflies! Blooms from summer to fall! This easily-grown sun-lover flowers the first year! Every garden deserves this heavy-blooming, sweetly fragrant, violet Butterfly Bush! From summer to fall, it bears huge foot-long trusses so laden with blooms that they bend outwards from the shrubby 6 to 8-foot plant! Butterflies arrive in droves to sip its nectar, adding their own magnificent color to your garden. The aroma is heavenly -- no wonder it's called "Summer Lilac". A snap to grow from seed, Buddleia's only problem is knowing when to stop! Left unpruned, it will reach 14 feet tall, but since it flowers on new wood, you'll want to cut it back to about 10 inches each spring before the new growth begins. If started early, it will even bloom the first year from seed. What a performer! Packet is 100 seeds. Buy this plant, from Park Seeds.

The Fountain Butterfly Bush is a tall, arching, graceful shrub reaching 15 feet in height if it is not pruned. Its branches are practically pendulous, making it resemble a shrubby weeping willow. The long, narrow, dark green leaves are grayish below. Although deciduous, they offer little in the way of fall color. The ends of the branches are covered in June with dense clusters of delicately-scented, bright lilac-purple flowers.

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