Saturday, February 28, 2009

Purple Butterfly

I most often find the red-spotted purple patrolling the edges of forest clearings and perching on low branches or on the ground. They seem particularly fond of the limestone scaling of the Illinois Prairie Path. I'm thinking this is one way they secure moisture or minerals. The Red-spotted Purple is a mimic of the poisonous Pipe vine Swallowtail (Batters philander), and hence gains protection from mendacious birds. It is thought the red-spotted purple hybridizes with the white admiral butterfly to produce partially banded offspring. Many epidemiologists consider the two to be one species.

Life Cycle: Caterpillar is humped, cream-colored, with dark-colored saddle. Two conspicuous brush like bristles behind the head. Willows, aspens, poplars, cherry, hawthorns, apples and horn beams are host plants. Habitat: Woodlands, open forests, glades and clearings, roads, paths and shorelines.

Butterflies have been revered by mankind since before the dawn of recorded history. They are among the most fascinating and beautiful animals; even people who care not for insects in general usually have an affection for these winged wonders. They live nearly everywhere -- from gardens and forests and mountains to acid bogs and frozen arctic tundra. Almost 700 of the world's 10 - 20,000 species live in North America north of Mexico.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Black Butterfly

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yellow Butterfly

The Buttercup Butterfly was similar to the Phoebes Phelia in that it has extremely bright yellow coloring; you won't find a brighter yellow butterfly. However, it lacks the 2 orange dots and is a little smaller than the Phelia. It's also a lighter shade of yellow, a lemon yellow. Updated photo added 1/11/09. Origin: Central, South America.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Butterfly

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Butterfly

Who hasn't nearly shouted for joy at our first sighting of a great green butterfly? This photo collection captures some of the amazing diversity of the butterflies of Costa Rica

Green butterflies presented here, approximately one hundred and fifty species or more, divides into two pages. The species listed at the bottom of this page fit into the Leonidas family (blues, hair streaks and coppers), the Pierette family (whites and sulfurs) and the Brush footed butterfly family. Pictures of green butterflies, covers Swallowtail butterflies, Grass Skippers, Spread-wing Skippers and Metal marks

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Butterfly

The blue butterfly, that is resident in Europe and some parts of Asia. The butterfly became extinct in the United Kingdom in 1979, but has since been reintroduced by conservationists[1] UK BAP Status: Priority Species. Uncommon everywhere in the world. But Large Blue primarily resides in heaths, sand dunes and hillsides.

The large Blue caterpillars are about half an inch in length and can live as long as 9 months before they form a chrysalis to become a butterfly. Large Blue butterflies have a wingspan of up to 2 inches, and will live for only a few weeks. The wings of the Large blue butterfly are speckled with black dots. Compared to a Large Blue caterpillar, the adult's lifespan is so short.

butterfly background

This is a basic butterfly ackground that should get you started when you first purchase the WikMail program. I know what it is like wanting to get going with new programs and sometimes you need a little tutorial like this to get you going with the Stationery Creator. You need to practice using the different elements in the Stationery Creator and further Tutorials on WikMail World will help you get the necessary practice. Use these Graphics of mine to get the practice. Just right click and "save as" to your desktop or somewhere handy. You can of course use your own graphics or tubes here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Butterfly Fly

As we know that : while "navigation" systems in automobiles are a fairly new (and still costly) innovation, monarch butterflies have managed for millennia to navigate their way for a distance of some 3000 miles (4800 kilometers) each fall from Canada to Mexico (and vice-versa in the spring) and this is without losing their way.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly