Saturday, December 19, 2009

Butterfly Outline-Butterfly Outline

I ever want to create and draw butterfly but I don't know how tho draw it, And I don't know where I have to start it, so now I know that I need outline to draw butterfly. And images above are the outlines of butterfly until you can do to draw butterfly by using those examples of butterfly outline. Try it, and protect butterfly from it's life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Women Butterfly Tattoo

Women Butterfly Tattoo above are like with butterfly until they are using butterfly as tattoo on their body. But you if you want to love butterfly you may not use or copy their behavior like them. Just love the butterfly and protect it from everything kill it. That I mean.

Butterfly Knife-Butterfly Knife

Here is the Butterfly-Knife-Parts that can you look at the second picture.
* Bite Handle
The handle that closes on the sharp edge of the blade.
* Kicker (or Kick)
Area on the blade that prevents the sharp edge from contacting the inside of the handle and suffering damage. This is sometimes supplanted by an additional tang pin above the pivots.
* Latch
The standard locking system, which holds the balisong closed. Magnets are occasionally used instead.
* Latch, Batangas
A latch that is attached to the bite handle.
* Latch, Manila
A latch that is attached to the safe handle.
* Latch, Spring
A latch that utilizes a spring to propel the latch open when the handles are squeezed.
* Safe Handle
The handle that closes on the non-sharpened edge of the blade.
* Latch gate
A block inside the channel of the handles stopping the latch from impacting the blade
* Tang
The base of the blade where the handles are attached with pivot pins.
Ikoma-Korth Bearing System. A high end ball bearing system that maximizes smoothness, found in high-end custom balisongs.
* Choil
Small curve found on some balisongs just above the kicker, that makes it easier to sharpen the blade.
* Swedge
Unsharpened spine of the blade that is angled to appear as if it were sharpened.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Extreme Butterfly-Extreme Butterfly

those pictures of Ekstreme Butterfly were taken as photo of some clever people photograper.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attractive Butterfly-Attractive Butterfly

The attractive Butterfly designed Peridot necklace in Pure silver. Beautiful butterfly necklace. Each packaged in attractive butterfly shaped hinged box. And this attractive butterfly rests on a lavender ground on which rest spaced white canes and a garland of deep pink canes. This one-off paperweight has a signature cane (WM) on its base and is also signed and dated by the artist. And the last of attractive butterfly is the butterfly as we know the butterfly is many of them life in hot season but here, this butterfly life in the water wood.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Butterfly Wood-Butterfly Wood

The butterfly wood is created by using wood as the basic foundation of butterfly creation. I like this butterfly wood because this butterfly like my toy when I was child. But there is other meaning of butterfly wood. The other meaning is the real butterfly that always stand and get eat on the wood. If you want to see the picture of real butterfly wood, you can open the subject of Butterfly Elephant.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Butterfly Elephant-Butterfly Elephant

As I know the Butterfly Elephant is the butterfly like in the first picture above. And the other pictures or images above are only fictive and all of those there are no in this world except the last picture of butterfly elephant. Because it is just for contest.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Butterfly Sun-Butterfly Sun

Butterfly Sun can be pontificated as you want, but here I just show three images of butterfly sun with variety figures and mean that butterfly sun is the symbol butterfly, butterfly sun is the fact butterfly and butterfly sun is the cartoon butterfly with sun drawing behind her.

Butterfly Moon_Butterfly Moon

Butterfly Moon is suitable if it is used as the legend or myth of some films. And the are many inspirations will be have in your mind by lloking at those images. Try it and see inspiration and intuition around them.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly