Thursday, November 19, 2009

Butterfly Flower-Butterfly Flower

Real Bizzare but Butterfly Flowers:
The butterfly flower is nature itself is the most important influence to my artwork. With this series in particular, most of the inspiration came from a single naturally occurring flower called the Butterfly Clerodendrum also referred to as the "Blue Butterfly Bush" due to its striking resemblance to butterflies.
For the first time I saw this butterfly flower I almost don't believe and I thought it had to be some sort of man made creation just by its appearance. The stamen of the flower, which is the stalks that come out from the center create the antennae, four petals shape the wings, and the fifth petal shapes the tail of the back wings. Without a doubt, this naturally occurring flower bears a strong and shocking resemblance to butterflies that would normally be seen drinking the nectar from the flower itself.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly