Friday, November 27, 2009

Butterfly Fairy-Butterfly Fairy

Finally young girls are believe that there are fairy in this world and the fairy is the woman who as the butterfly like. And this woman there are a kind butterfly fairy and can became evil butterfly fairy.

Butterfly Lion-Butterfly Lion

Butterfly Lion means the book that talking about animal life in the jungle.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Butterfly Pics-Butterfly Pics

Butterfly Pics
Butterfly Pics
Butterfly Pics
Butterfly pics are the butterfly that drawn and added by the white stars just to make it as accessories and interesting.

Butterfly Tiger-Butterfly Tiger

The Tiger Butterfly or Butterfly Tiger look like the wild butterfly, but it just a symbol to take nick as it's name. Exactly the Tiger butterfly is not wild but it is very cute and comfortable.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Butterfly Gifts-Butterfly Gifts

Butterfly as gifts, it is a good idea! I think the butterfly gifts are suitable with all everything like the butterfly cloths for children, butterfly foods for farmers that love butterfly, butterfly jewelry gifts, butterfly for exclusive moment etc.

Butterfly Gif-Butterfly Gif

Butterfly Gif is the butterfly that has ben a model of love to show lovely with some one or with animals that you love it. Or the synonym of this is giving surprise to birth days of some one, like the butterfly gif above that tell about someone's day with tittle "Happy Mother's Day".

Butterfly style-Butterfly style

Jewelry-Butterfly Style jewelry

Butterly Style in cake

Butterfly Style - fairy lights

About butterfly I should love it full because this animal can be my inspiration and give intuity for me to create some style and caracter in a many things. Like butterfly style fairy lights, butterfly cake etc.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Butterfly Flower-Butterfly Flower

Real Bizzare but Butterfly Flowers:
The butterfly flower is nature itself is the most important influence to my artwork. With this series in particular, most of the inspiration came from a single naturally occurring flower called the Butterfly Clerodendrum also referred to as the "Blue Butterfly Bush" due to its striking resemblance to butterflies.
For the first time I saw this butterfly flower I almost don't believe and I thought it had to be some sort of man made creation just by its appearance. The stamen of the flower, which is the stalks that come out from the center create the antennae, four petals shape the wings, and the fifth petal shapes the tail of the back wings. Without a doubt, this naturally occurring flower bears a strong and shocking resemblance to butterflies that would normally be seen drinking the nectar from the flower itself.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stencils Colors-Butterfly Stencils Colors

Butterfly Stencils Colors are able to be used by stamp or pencil that using many colors to collaborated with other kind until become the true life colors.

Stencils Black-Dark-Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark

Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark-1

Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark-2

Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark-3

Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark-4

Butterfly Stencils Black-Dark-5

Stencils light-bright-Butterfly Stencils light-bright

Pictures and images those are the Butterfly Stencils light-bright that used by little color and bright or white until it can be seen clearly.

Butterfly Photos-Butterfly Photos

Butterfly Photos above are natural and has many session that can make our eyes being fresh.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The butterfly that can move from your PC will make you glad and nice. You can take the moving butterfly that I uploud above and put it into your PC. And I hope you will be happy by this.

People-Butterfly People

The Butterfly People here are clay sculptures of people with butterflies, hence the name Butterfly People. Many embody what some consider to be the ultimate woman: hard working; confident; independent; absolutely free of worldly restraints. All, once again, are complete with a real butterfly and signed by local New York City artist, and in Pedro Ramirez.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly