Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I try to explain that metamorphosis is an Biological process where animal physically is natural of growth of biology after borne or hatch. This process entangle structure or transformation through growth of and cell of differentiation cell.

This change can be spelled out members by phase for the shake of phase which must pass by before a natural animal become perfect form. This Metamorphosis attend in 2 form, namely perfect metamorphosis ( hemimetabolisme) and metamorphosis imperfect ( holometabolisme).

But it is why referred as perfection and imperfect? Surely caused by differentiating both types of that metamorphosis, not? Of course. Will know its reason? Paying attention type animal of insekta / insect around You.

Dragonfly, cicada, grasshopper, are natural insekta of imperfect metamorphosis, they become adult animal after changing from nymph form. Growth of larva take place at recurring growth phase and ekdisis ( commutation of husk).

Whereas natural butterfly of longer step again before becoming adult butterfly. First time, butterfly will lay eggs. Butterfly him egg can will patch in leaf. Egg later;then become caterpillar. Hence him, caterpillar most often reside in leaf, because previously butterfly egg becoming this caterpillar cikal will there are - in leaf. After caterpillar become long and big, he will turn into chrysalis. In erudite language, we mention it of pupa or of chrysalis.

In pupa, digestive dilution will be released to break larva body, leaving over some of just cell. Some of that cell later;then will grow to become adult use nutrisi from falling to pieces larva body. After some llama, of the chrysalis will go out a butterfly which still is young. It is not how long later, but then become adult butterfly directly.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly