Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1001 Butterflies

Many people taking a fancy to beautiful butterfly, however on the contrary one who seldom don't disgust at caterpillar - though both of them are same creature. All butterflies types and moth through phases live as egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally have metamorphosis becomes moth or butterfly.

The Picture above is show how many butterflies in this world that until it is able to be named by "1001 Butterflies".

Butterfly and moth represent pertained insect into Lepidoptera ordo, or winged insect husk of wings.

Simply, butterfly differentiated from night butterfly alias moth pursuant to active time of its physical marking and him. Active butterfly generally in day time (diurnal), while gengat most active in the night ( nocturnal). Butterfly rest or alight on by upholding its wing, moth alight on by unfolding its wing. Butterfly usually have very bright beautiful color, moth tend to darkly, grey or matt. Still, this differences always there are it's exception, so that scientifically cannot be made by definitive hold.

Butterfly and moth very many its type. In Java and noted just Bali more than 600 butterfly species. its Moth type so far have never been made by list wholly, however anticipated there is hundreds of type.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly