Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100 Butterflies

For catching butterflies we need plant as place lay eggs. Usually butterflies lay eggs below/under grove leaf. It's very small egg so that very hard to see it.
In a few days, the egg will become caterpillar. yielded caterpillar of egg consist of various type. There are black color, yellow, chocolate, green, etc. You will amazed looking at those caterpillar like this. how it is possible that beautiful creature, like butterflies and you will be also cheated by them, because caterpillar colors always express it's butterfly.

The photo above is how the butterfly is able to be inspiration of some one "as jewelry".

The caterpillar with green color not yet become green butterfly. Hm.., it is feel to play to guess - riddle yes! To predict becoming and waiting what color will this butterfly become, if it's caterpillar look like this.

Beside that, many people assume insect like pest is harming. But in fact not all of pest are harming, but view of them are profiting. Look like butterflies, they are become hunting for some people to be trading because of their patterns and it make them interesting.
But in this time there are many kind of Butterflies around this world, there are many species of it. Some of them totally disappeared but some of them are protected. This way used to preserve natural environment.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly