Monday, March 30, 2009

Butterfly Wings

The Butterfly wing in America looks like this, that has a beautiful design with a collaboration colors blue and black. But not every Butterfly in Uncle Sam Country same with that. it just view of them.

Here I show you all about some kind of Butterfly wings

The illustration of butterfly as a angel with a female.

Exactly the Butterfly wings are like this if they are discharging of their body. you can use it and this can be modification depend on your own want. But do not use a butterfly fact life until you kill it OK..!!

There are many kind of Butterfly with it's unique, special and each function. do you want to look at the science of the Wing Of Butterfly? you can see it by click below it... Good Luck..!!! may you have experience and more science until you can love Butterfly.
Watch Video Butterfly Wings

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly