Monday, March 30, 2009

Butterfly Release

Release Butterfly until fulfill the sky with butterfly ocean. Expectation wings which fly to space hopefully can grant desire of us of God to take care of natural preservation with beautiful butterfly being, like jewel which fly to space. a nature of august and special to show what a we care to weak other animal being.

Best way to the continuation of nature, discharge and release butterfly so that they earn to feel freedom, harmonious enjoyment and also in life

Teach your children remaining to preserve nature which among others by discharging butterfly because that thing can cause or make remarkable awareness at our child as our router generation in a coming period (the priod of tomorrow). That way hence will be created by habit at our children themselves. They will have awareness later when they are adult or old, and matter that's which we wish to take care of nature so that - to be - remaining in stable.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly