Friday, March 27, 2009

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden now becomes one of the most popular hobbies. What could bring enjoyer than a beautiful butterfly fluttering around our garden is not it...?!

There are some tips to make your garden become especially for butterfly friendly:

Firstly, you should be able to find out which butterflies are will in your area. You can do it by spending some time outdoors or seeing behind window with your field guide to see which species butterfly are around.

Secondly, if you had found a butterfly for species, you had to make that butterflies like that area, maybe by putting a nice flower for that species, using sugar aroma, etc.

your butterfly garden in a sunny location (5-6 hours each day), but sheltered from the winds. Butterflies need the sun to warm themselves, but they won't want to feed in an area where they are constantly fighting the wind to stay on the plants. It is also a good idea to place a few flat stones in your sunny location so the butterflies can take a break while warming up.

Butterflies need water just like we do. Keep a mud puddle damp in a sunny location, or fill a bucket with sand and enough water to make the sand moist.

The picture above is showing that butterfly can also be born-use by us.

The larvae can also be very noteworthy. Some caterpillars have hairs or forked spines, which may be or may not sting (often the hairs are just for show). It's better to be safe than sorry, so wear gloves when handling these larvae. Certain swallowtail caterpillars imitate snakes or bird droppings. Other caterpillars, like sulphers, are camouflaged, or blend into their surroundings very well. If caterpillars are eating excessive foliage from a prominent or desirable part of a plant, try moving them (with gloves on if they're hairy) to the backside or another less noticeable portion of the plant.

The different species of butterflies had different preferences of nectar, in both colors and tastes. A wide variety of food plants will give the greatest of butterflies diversity of visitors. Try staggering wild and cultivated plants, as well as blooming times of the your days and years. Groups of the same plants will be easier and nicer for butterflies to see than only singly planted flowers, I think so it well.

Other Attractants of it:
Another way to attract adult butterflies to your yard is to offer places (food plants) for females to lay their eggs. Some females are pickier about which host to lay their eggs on than others. About male butterfly it was not so important.

Butterfly tattoo butterfly picture butterfly